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Where we are
Siena 19 km
Arezzo 38 km
Florence 68 km
Pisa 134 km
Roma 243 km
Bologna 146 km
Venezia 260 km
Gaiole in Chianti 22 km
Greve in Chianti 50 km
Radda in Chianti 30 km
Cortona 64 km
Perugia 110 km
Gubbio 117 km
Montalcino 55 km
San Gimignano 65 km
Montepulciano 49 km
Lucca 119 km
Cinque terre 180 km
GPS 43.382829, 11.551949

Direction From the North
(Milano - Bologna - Firenze - Pisa)

You must first get on to the A1 autostrada (highway) in the direction of Firenze (Florence) - Roma.
When near Firenze do not get off the highway and continue in the direction of Roma.
The gate names are Firenze Nord, Signa, Certosa, Firenze Sud (keep going) Incisa, and the next exit is VALDARNO.
Exit on Valdarno and after paying turn right. Go in the direction of Arezzo and Levane.
When in Levane there is a stop light and you must go straight in the direction of Siena and Bucine.
At that point there is no need to enter any villages. You must pass Bucine, Capannole,Ambra, Pietraviva.
About 2 kms after Pietraviva there is a beige sign saying La Selva 400mts (note: 400mts and not immediately).
There are two houses on the road…you must go up the road (between these two houses) in the direction of Montebenichi.
There are three large houses on the right side of the road…keep going a little further. There are a set of 4 gates.
Ours is the first on the left and it has a plaque that says La Selva - Riccardo Carpini.
It takes about 30 minutes in all from the exit Valdarno to La Selva.If you need directions always ask for LA SELVA di Montebenichi. There is more than one La Selva.

Direction From the South

From the Roma airport get onto the freeway that leads to Rome center. Do not go into the center…you want to go around Rome.
Watch for green signs that indicate the A1 autostrada (the major highway of Italy).
You want the A1 that goes in the Firenze/Milano direction. Careful here, because it is easy to miss the turn off
and you can end up in Rome centre or in the Napoli direction.
Now that you are on the A1 in the direction of Firenze, keep going straight (about 1 1/2 hours) until you get to the exit called Valdichiana.
Get off at this exit and after paying turn right, and then right again (right away) in the Siena direction.
There is another La Selva in this area so disregard any signs. After about 20 minutes drive in the Siena direction there
is a town called Rapolano (this is the last town you will pass on this road). Keep going and on the right there will be a exit called "Colonna del Grillo".
After 300 meters there is another crossing and you must take the Bucine direction (there is a monument - column with a ball on top). After about 5 kms there is a beige sign saying La Selva 600 mts.
There are two houses on the left side with another road leading up between these and a sign marked Montebenichi.
This is it, go up the road. The very first house on the right is Villa Fabbri and the second is Villa Felciai.
Continue until you get to 4 gates altogether. Ours is the first on the left and is marked La Selva - Riccardo Carpini.
We will be waiting for you here to accompany you to your villa .